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lirik lagu buzzin’ (remix) – 50 cent

“buzzin’ (remix)”
(with mann)

[intro: 50 cent]
whoo, whoo, whoo!

[chorus: mann {50 cent}]
man i feel like moneyyyyy! (man i feel like money!) {yeah!}
they’re attracted to me! (oh, yeah?)
they come around like honeyyyyyy! (they come around like honey!) {hahaaa!}
cause i’m fly like a bee! (oh, yeah?) {say what?}
man i got ’em all buzzin’, (buzzin’!) buzzin’, (buzzin’!) buzzin’, (buzzin’!) buzzin’,
like da-da-da-da-da-da-da! {say what?}
man i got ’em all buzzin’, (buzzin’!) buzzin’, (buzzin’!) buzzin’, (buzzin’!) buzzin’,
like da-da-da-da-da-da-da! [scratches]

[50 cent:]
yeah, uh! – audi r-8, laid back, black on black
diamonds on my neck and my wrist matchin’ that.
black mask, black mag’ – brown bag;
drop down now or n*gg* i’ll shoot your black *ss! [scratche]
i’m a magnet to money, the paper is where i’m at
they attracted to me, they treat me like pimp c.
i’m a p-i-m-p yo chick just chose me
i got so much swag, is that why you mad?
control your hate trick, nothing good to say
don’t say sh*t, keep walkin’ quit talkin’ keep it movin’!
we can keep the club jumpin’ till daylight
from new york to l.a. through the bay; right? [scratches]

back up to back up in the mix like that (yeah!)
and i know ya like it when it’s just like that. (that!)
all the girlies just love my swag (swag!)
from my kicks to the way i fix my hat. [scratches] (hat!)
i’m – back! (hey!) – fresh like some new j’s (yeah!)
brodie got next nba to pay.
i’m too paid! (paid!) – shaded – with some ladies
reppin’ my city; west l.a. baby! (west l.a., baby!)
west l.a. made me this way. (way!)
two rules: stay fresh, homie and get paid!
hey! (heeyy!) – never broke! – and never b*mmy! (why)
i’m from where it’s forever sunny. (okay!) [scratches]


[bridge 1: mann]
when i come around! – ’round, ’round…
they go…
yeah, yeah! it’s going down, down, down…
they go…

uh! – new cat with a’ old school feel (feel!)
only new artist with a old school deal. (yeah!)
tied to the game by steve lobell (yup!)
so we always win, don’t receive no help. (nah!) [scratches]
new girls act like they know me so well
but i shows no love and be like: “oh, well! ” (well!)
when my alb*m drops, sure as h*ll goin’ sell (yup!)
stack cash and laugh like l-o-l!


[bridge 2: mann]
when i come around! – ’round, ’round…
they go…
yeah! – when i come around! – ’round, ’round…
they go…
when i step in yo town! – town, town…
they go…
yeah, yeah! – it’s going down; down, down…
they go… [scratches]

yee-uh yee-uh! – shawty in my ear (uhh!)
saying all the things that i wanna hear.
buzzin’! – and as the night ends (uhh!)
i’m a have her and get all her friends.
buzzin’! – okay! – hands in the air (yee-uh!)
from the back to the front everywhere.
buzzin’! – throwin’ out 20’s, throwin’ out hundreds
ladies gotta love it! [scratches]


[bridge 2]

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