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lirik lagu call from kc poet camile (skit) – tech n9ne

“call from kc poet camile (skit)”
(feat. kc poet camile)

[kc poet camile]
go deep n*gg*!
you got big feet and big hands
workin like you said you can
i’m layin here thinkin why did i even give you a chance?
n*gg* makin love to you for what?
cause in the back of my head i’m screamin bust yo’ nut
so i can get up!
ooh, ahh, daddy, you feel so good is what i’m screamin
but yo’ d*ck is like wet wood is what i’m meanin
talkin about puttin in work, tearin out my seams
not with that little bitty-*ss thing!
n*gg* you sweatin like a motherf*cker and i don’t feel sh*t
why did i even let you hit?
p*ss me my vibrator so i can finish this
is he good to you mami? and i’m sayin yes
but truth is, my p*ssy is stressed
she was h*rny ready to go, c*m ready to flow
but yo’ d*ck ain’t even big enough to blow, you know?
walkin ’round killer city thinkin you the man
n*gg* i coulda done a better job with my hand!
so the next time you on yo’ way to my place
you won’t need a condom
your tongue is bigger than your d*ck daddy
i’ma ride yo’ face

i love you tech n9ne!!
you inspire me

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