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lirik lagu call her a bitch – too $hort

(feat. lil skeeter)

[too $hort]
one thing’s for sure…
you will get called a b*tch… b*tch
so motherf*ckin’ fast – b*tch
short dog’s in the house… beotch!

what’s up b*tch, you the cut up b*tch
f*ck somethin’ b*tch, suck somethin’ b*tch
look out b*tch, watch out b*tch
yeah i f*cked you b*tch then got out, b*tch
catch out b*tch, f*ck that sh*t
motherf*cker gettin’ mad, f*ck that b*tch
so b*tch, pay me b*tch
you can love me b*tch, you can hate me b*tch
straight up b*tch, save a b*tch
then pay a b*tch, i don’t play that b*tch
cause a b*tch is known to get outta line
and a b*tch don’t understand, i’m on the grind
you lil’ b*tch, i’m all about the paper
when i leave b*tch tell ’em all about a player
go on b*tch, c’mon b*tch
run home b*tch, get front on b*tch
that’s right b*tch, f*ck off b*tch
you get off b*tch when you suck all them d*cks
get cut off b*tch when i come home b*tch
sh*t ain’t right? get the f*ck on b*tch
speak up b*tch, say what b*tch
wanna pull me down, i’ma stay up b*tch
so what b*tch, do what you wanna do
a n*gg* like me don’t want nothin’ with you
i want a b*tch, a real *ss b*tch
you can feel that b*tch when she kill that grip
hundred dollar bills b*tch, i’ma still get a grip
and i won’t feel sh*t when i get a new b*tch
lil’ b*tch, back up b*tch
when i say you fine don’t act a b*tch
i’ll slap a b*tch, get smacked up b*tch
wanna get in my way when i stack up chips?

i’ll call her a beotch!…
call her a beotch!…

[too $hort]
you know what?
a b*tch is a once-a-month funky c*ck bleedin’
b*tch fell in love but she won’t stop cheatin’
real dumb with low self esteem
f*ck a n*gg* she just met and won’t be able to see him
later on when she wanna get f*cked some more
i said “b*tch, why you such a stupid hoe?”
you lil’ b*tch, you never could f*ck with this
and every b*tch that don’t like it, she can suck my d*ck
20 years later, still settin’ it off
still talkin’ bad ’bout them pregnant dogs
they ask me “short dog, why you talk so bad?”
b*tch disrespect me, get off in her *ss
i’m pullin’ hoe cards (time to learn a lesson real quick)
ask me, “what’s the definition of a b*tch?”
a real b*tch – she gon’ know she one
suck the d*ck, drink the nut, and say she owe me one
d*mn b*tch, you that b*tch, can you do that b*tch?
move back b*tch, say who that b*tch… i don’t know you hoe
i don’t sniff cocaine, i don’t want no blow
b*tch you a dummie – b*tch, junkie
b*tch, funky b*tch, punk*ss b*tch
jump out b*tch, get the f*ck out b*tch, get cussed out b*tch
cause a b*tch is known to get on my nerves
and a b*tch don’t really know when i’m on the swerve
i’m like “b*tch, miss me”, “b*tch don’t kiss me”
“b*tch, just lick me b*tch”
you’s a b*tch, knew it when i heard the beat
b*tch ain’t nothin’ but a word to me
i told you ten times, all she gon’ get is pimp lines
i’m short dog –

i’ll call her a beotch!…
call her a beotch!…

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