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lirik lagu can i live – j. cole

“can i live”

p*ssy my p*ssion, never been a fan of flashing
probably cause i never could so if i had it, never would.
then i got my first little taste of paper, and i splurged
i guess it’s just the n*gg* urge, this is the boondocks
i swear yo i’m like huey mixed with riley
thursday i be trynna save the world, then on friday i hit the club
hoping that my d*ck get rubbed by some fat *sses
n*gg*s get to scr*ping then you hear the gats blasting d*mn!
older n*gg*s ain’t got no problems with me
my momma told me to speak like you got a college degree
you see i can, but i won’t
plus i’m saying what i won’t
plus this slang that i speak don’t change that i’m deep
that’s the throat, on a certified freak, while she choke?
as we headed to the crib, yes i let her give me head so she won’t remember where i live
my game is tight, baby no need to bring pajamas, you ain’t staying the night
no disrespect, i just say it polite
i drop her off before i sleep, i be praying for life

like hov said it can i live?
aye dear lord, can i live? hey!
now am i living to get paid just slaves for a wage (all week)
i can’t do no 9 to 5 told my momma (sorry)
i can’t do no suit and tie, no i want the (glory)
if you knew me know my life is like a movie starring me
pardon me, if it seems that i’m following my dreams
i ain’t reading off the script that they picked (for me)
i ain’t p*ssed, naw could’ntgive a sh*t (hardly)
i be sh*tting on them n*gg*s that was sh*tting on me
will i live or will i die before they get to know me
if i go i know the ones that’s pouring liquor for me
and i know the fake n*gg*s really hating on me
knew that i was bout to blow so they was waiting on me
but oh-no, lord
see i’m smarter then they know-oh-oh
so hold on, lord, cause i ain’t quite ready to go-oh oh

can i live

somebody told me that it’s only one shot, so i’ll be god d*mn, if i’m ever gonna stop
promise to my momma i’m a make it to the top
so i’m a keep climbing to my heartbeat drop

like the phone when she heard the news
her sister on the other line talking to her shoes
the only son, what a thing to lose
more blacks singing more blues
more n*gg*s pouring more brews
poor dude he was young like 21, strait up out that city that i’m from
a real smart n*gg*, but his n*gg*s they was dumb
he ain’t even get a chance to run
before it landed in his lung
god, breath n*gg*.
his partner screaming don’t you *** leave n*gg*!
took off his shirt trynna stop the bleeding n*gg*, don’t you go!
but his life fading slow
did i tell my mom i love her, do she know?
did i tell my baby sorry from befo
won’t get to see my son grow
lord i ain’t ready to go

can i live? can i live? dear lord, can i live?

can i live? yea

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