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lirik lagu can’t change me – chris cornell

she can do anything at all
have anything she pleases
the power to change what she thinks is wrong
but what could she want with me? yeah,
wait, just, one minute here
i can see that she’s trying to read me
suddenly i know,

she’s going to change the world [x3]
but she can’t change me,
no, she can’t change me

she has the daylight at her command
she gives the night it’s dreams, yeah
she can uncover your darkest fear,
and make you forget you feel it.
but wait, just, one minute more,
i can see that she’s trying to free me
suddenly i know


suddenly i can see everything that’s wrong,
with me, yeah.
what can i do, i’m the only thing i really have, at all.

but wait, just, one minute here,
i can see that she’s trying to need me
suddenly i know


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