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lirik lagu captain kidd – great big sea

my name is captain kidd
as i sailed, as i sailed,
oh my name is captain kidd as i sailed,
my name is captain kidd
and god’s laws i did forbid,
and most wickedly i did as i sailed.

my father taught me well
to shun the gates of h*ll,
but against him i rebelled as i sailed,
he shoved a bible in my hand
but i left it in the sand
and i pulled away from land,
as i sailed


i murdered william moore
and i left him in his gore
twenty leagues away from sh*r*
as i sailed,
and being crueler still, the gunner i did kill
all his precious blood did spill,
as i sailed,


i was sick and nigh to death,
and i vowed at every breath,
oh to walk in wisdom’s path,
as i sailed
but my repentance lasted not,
my vows i soon forgot,
oh d*mnation is my lot,
as i sailed.


to the execution dock
lay my head upon the block,
laws no more i’ll mock as i sail,
so take warning here and heed
to shun bad company
or you’ll wind up just like me
as i sailed.

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