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lirik lagu carnival of madness – betrayal

[marcus n. colon, jeff lain]

then they came, a mystery in the night, drawing aching souls near, malevolence… enticing sight!
here they offer, fun and fantasy, fulfilling desires, meeting deepest needs, came to heal the sadness,
it’s the carnival of madness.
thunderheads approaching, shrouded shimmering autumn light, as many as received their lies, delusion shaded their sight.
they offered unto us, buried dreams, new life, captivity and madness, was their final price.

[solo marcus]

this carnival you see is no mystery, rides of sin will pull you in, this circus of seduction will surely visit you,
with promises of sweet pandemonium, don’t look to see with curiosity, when they call to you resist and flee,
don’t listen to what they have to say, for something wicked comes your way.

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