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lirik lagu celebrity – cavo


washed up, strung out
living in a black out
world spinning out of control
face down, messed up
never gonna be enough
just another part of the show
you finally fall away
the lights are fading
you wear it on your face
the cracks are breaking
where’s your celebrity now
cause we’re so lost without you
where’s your celebrity now
so out of control
a million lights can change a life
or how far you’d go
careful what you wish for
you just might get it
bright light, burn out
villains with a hand out
selling every inch of your soul
fake life, fake town
tired of the let down
the chemicals are starting to show
the lines they fall away
the fall is never ending
you wear it on your face
the cracks are breaking
you used to make this for me
and now you take this from me

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