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lirik lagu centerfield – stellar kart

well beat the drum and hold the phone
the sun came out today
we’re born again
there’s new gr*ss on the field

roundin’ third and heading for home
it’s a brown eyed handsome man
anyone can understand the way i feel

put me in coach
i’m ready to play today
put me in coach
i’m ready to play today
look at me, i can be

well i spent some time
in the mudville nine
watching to from the bench
you know i took some lumps
when the might case struck out

so say hey willy
tell ty cobb
and joe demasio
don’t say it aint so you know the time i now


got a beat up glove
and a homemade bat
and a brand new pair of shoes
you know i think it’s time to give this game a ride

just hit the ball and touch em’ all
a moment in the sun
it’s gone, you can kiss the one goodbye

[chorus x2]

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