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lirik lagu changes – common

(feat. muhsinah)

[verse 1 – common]
i’m the river, that flow to the hood,
to the woods, to the birds, to the mud, to the bricks over the curves
to the force bizarrs got with 4 acres in the worst to worst
planted chrome for the young seeds to know
trees is blowin, we see changes in the wind
this is new day and i gotta take it in
see a black man run, we need him to win
young i search search for a better tomorrow
let the belief leave away and the angels hallo
open doors for a hope for to go to
cause i would chose so and i supposed to

[muhsinah – chorus 2x]
i know that change come come
the race begun, where all most stare oh yeah

[verse 2 – common]
i spoke like a child, i wrote like a child
i always smile, let my mind float like a child
wishin i was smart as these kids are now
all grown ups still wishin i’m a child again
church saw remaind me to stay grateful
a more y remaind me to stay playful
day’s go by, my life all high
i leave all my walks so the fight don’t die
and me, i found a purpose, why i’m mc
it’s vital young world to be greated than me
i follow wake and the dream as song
so the little shorty’s can sing along

[chorus: 2x]
i know that change come come
the race begun, where all most stare oh yeah

[verse 3 – common]
welcome children, welcome me
your’s sentimentces felt in me
i see the future and the walking path
don’t let these fool take you off your path
laugh if you need to, smile if you need to
life is a trip while a long and proceed to
try to believe to, do what you wanna do
remember your’re kings and queens and still humble to
life is a funny you no need to look back again
victory can be claim while you still battleing
drive along with a food i provide you
to awake and the voice that’s inside you

[chorus: 2x]
i know that change come come
the race begun, where all most stare oh yeah

changes is in arable, you can stop it
changes happening and everybody is like
changes is like the furious hurricane, that you can’t stop
what is change? change is martin luther king jr, ghandi,
shakespeare, tupac shakur, barack obama
and you can’t forget common
changes gone happen
change is hope.

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