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lirik lagu chrome & paint – ice cube

(feat. wc)

[ice cube]
yay-yay! cali-forn-yi-aye
sunday afternoon baby, pull it out
whip it out, pull it out, drive it out, drop it out
you know! let ’em know

[chorus: ice cube]
i got chrome and paint
n*gg* what you thank, i got chrome and paint
b*tch what you drank, i got chrome and paint
smokin that dank in my chrome and paint
street lights – dance on paint
street lights – dance on chrome
street lights – get a n*gg* home
you can die in these streets all alone

[ice cube]
i am the wrong n*gg*, too f*ckin grown n*gg*
to go for that n*gg*, i ain’t ‘cha hoe n*gg*
i got, a hair trigger, i am the dome splitter
the deep-sea sniper, you got the wrong n*gg*z
retire like jigga, here comes the attila the hun
killin n*gg*z for fun, these rappers is done
the bigger they come, the harder they fall
i burn like the sun, continue to ball
he’s got nuts and plus the don touch
and split the fine dutch, starsky call hutch
he’s laid, with some sl*ts, up in some guts
just back, in the cut, he thinks he’s king tut
cain’t f*ck, this n*gg* up, cause just, the n*gg* luck
that n*gg*z, really love him and tear the city up
uhh, even though i’m f*ckin with the po’-po’
them n*gg* know how i act in the low-low


i’m ghetto like grits, die befo’ i snitch
off my *ss khakis sag like cellulite t*ts b*tch
under the suede, headliner and i ain’t yo momma
play with my dollars on yo’ *ss they’ll be layin flowers
i put a hole in your brain with these hollow hot rocks
hittin the switch, makin the fo’ hopscotch
rollin up imperial in d*ckie material
all in your periphreal, throwin sh*lls at your vehicle
clipped up, pimped up, big chipped up
stacy adams tips spiffed up, golf hat flipped up
i blow yo’ *ss off the map, f*ck with dub
i’ll have yo’ *ss rollin home with windshield gl*ss on your lap
f*ck rap, i’m wearin a creased tee, eatin ribs
laughin at you n*gg*z on mtv cribs
i got the chrome thang thang to make the dome stank
hood life forever b*tch, chrome and paint, c’mon


[ice cube]
street lights (woop woop) [2x]
even though i’m f*ckin with the po’-po’
them n*gg* know how i act in the low-low
slow mo’, n*gg* check out my promo
you mo’fo’s can’t f*ck with my mojo


[ice cube]
street lights [echoes]

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