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lirik lagu clear eyes – domo genesis

clear eyes
(feat. tyler, the creator)

[domo genesis]
d*mn, i never pictured this
i’m so high this sh*t’s ridiculous
… where did i put my sh*t?
wait, wait, okay, here it is
as i light this place up
just me alone so the joints get faced up
floatin through the stars, my whole night’s all sp*ced up
and my thoughts tryin to build my place up
phones buzzin so i reach and try and read it
but my vision’s kinda blurry so i really can’t see it
somethin important, it might be it
or maybe a b*tch that i don’t need, sh*t
close my eyes and the sh*t that i’m seein
is the reason that i be in the moods that i be in
… d*mn i’m really baked
i can’t tell if i’m asleep or i’m awake [door knocking]
i’ll just sit and wait (domo! n*gg*)
yeah, i’ll just sit and wait [more knocking]

[tyler, the creator]
n*gg*, open the f*ckin door n*gg*!
sheeit, we got sh*t to do
come the f*ck on, it’s cold n*gg*

[domo genesis]
let me try to sober up
throw some water on my face, only if it’s cold enough
confidently wipe it on my shirt
lookin in the mirror like – that ain’t work, d*mn

[tyler, the creator]
domo! open the f*cking door, what the f*ck are you doing?
it’s not funny no more, i’m cold as f*ck n*gg*
i ain’t got no inhaler n*gg*
sheeit! open up

[domo genesis]
okay i’m comin
walkin to the door and i seem to notice somethin
the floor is just a cloud of smoke and i’m runnin
reachin at the end of the cloud and i’m jumpin
flowin through the air just about to hear somethin
feel a lil’ shake and my body start buzzin like

[tyler, the creator (domo)]
n*gg*, you good? (yeah i’m cool dog)
talkin in your sleep and sh*t n*gg*
you trippin (sh*t, my bad)

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