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lirik lagu close to the front – amy winehouse

only paid attention in your lessons
i sat close at the front so i could see
your enthusiastic demonstrations
teaching to a cl*ss of only me
and i couldn?t speak directly to you
without stuttering or turning red
so looking back i don’t know how i handled it, yeah
futile frustration in my head

[chorus 1x:]
i can’t help but *n*lyze your actions,
neglecting mine
before i know i’ve fallen hard
and now i tread water in time

hated it when i saw them together
i sat around waiting for sh*t to end
unconsciously i tried to sabotage it
to get revenge on my best friend
because i was in love with him before her
i had just cause to grieve
so not long after she broke up with him
i got my closure on new years eve

[chorus 2x]

i love all the bickering and insults
and when i shout at you and you smile
making coffee while my mind spills over
how i catch your art once in a while
shouldn?t i have grown a little wiser?
why haven’t i learned my lesson yet?
and although i have made my love progresses
i tend to learn as much as i forget

[chorus 3x]

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