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lirik lagu control – faktion

on a one way highway
only lights lead the way
my life left behind me
the music begins to play
with the stars to see me
liberation lifts the sh*ll
that’s on me
in a newborn image
i’m the only one who sees
let the music take control
only driven by the light that
it shows
dont take away my light
it’s the only thing keeping me alive
as i’m walking forward
my shadown’s got my back
i’m free from all that binds me
still holding things intact
now the stars can free me
as i drift into this melody
in my newborn image
i’m the only one who sees
i found a new life
inside this world
i found my light
i’m not letting go
now i see all i’ve
been searching for
it’s all in sight
i found my life
on a one way highway
and i’m the only one who sees

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