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lirik lagu control – john frusciante

it’s not the way i go
it’s not the way i go
noone here hears me
i’m sick of people knowing me
life’s confusing me
there’s so much i don’t see
something’s controlling me
it’s no way to live
i haven’t got a thing to give
and those signs trade off
i’m a line from loud to soft
for what i have to say
i wanted to build a stage
i wanted to feel this way
all this things are real
i don’t know my own field
you will prove me wrong
i don’t know one
i see now what i’ve got
it reveals just what is is not
someday i’ll take it away
there’s nothing for me anyway
love don’t choose me
wide don’t see a thing
what i’m saying is now
i don’t know what it’s about
i wander through the dawn
so much goes on
who will make me run
i admit i might be wrong
these letters shelter me now
i wonder how

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