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lirik lagu country man – barry michael

gettin up while it’s still dark, trying to get me a head start.
b*ss fishin on a pond in lyons, a stringer full most of the time
back home just in time to eat. cream and syrup on a biscuit sure is sweet
put on my cap and right back out the door when i was a country boy

pre chorus:
i watched my daddy work it every day. nothing ever tough enough to stand in his way

now i’m a countryman everyday i take a stand
in my ripped blue jeans on my atv my family’s counting on me
i’m a countryman, man of steel, i been roughed up and i’m tough as nails
bullet proof, i’ve been set free. you don’t want to mess with me, i’m a countryman
doin the best i can

i used to wanna ride the ole john deere, wishin i could rope a steer.
spent some time camouflaged in a tree stand, wishin i could own the land.
wondered how all the work got done. i was trying to have some fun
back when life was full of joy, when i was a country boy

last pre chorus:
now i’m the daddy whose workin every day, i can’t let anything stand in my way

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