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lirik lagu couple grand (remix) – trae

(feat. lil’boss, jay’ton, yung joc)

a couple grand, price tag on your head – leave you layin where you stand
a couple grand, price tag on your head – on your head, on your head
a couple grand, price tag on your head – price tag on your head
a couple grand, price tag on your head – leave you layin where you stand

[verse 1: yung joc]
watch him die slow, then his eyes roll (uhh)
in the back of his head, now his body cold (uhh)
a couple grand, a couple shots
couple drip drops, now your leakin won’t stop
b*tch i’m the man just ask block
shots rang out, you could hear ’em for a couple blocks (*gun firing*)
b*tch what’s my name, call me yung joc
i got a great aim all i need is one shot
everybody talkin in my nieghborhood (maaan)
i got great lawyers cause my paper good (yeah)
leave your body riddled, wheezin and coughin
here your body lye, box five in monica coffin
you f*ck with mine, i’ll cross ya life line
i’m a graffiti artist, paint chalk outlines
and the worst part (what it is) – is i’m not a coward
visit your wait and give your momma dead flowers


yeah joc i got this one for ya homie
let me get at this b*tch, *ssholes by nature

[verse 2: trae]
i been sittin a second, but now i’m back for the drama
so tell that p*ssy n*gg*, he headed for trauma
you’d rather slap ya momma, ‘fore you come f*ckin with trae
homie i’m ‘tha truth’and i get in that *ss with no delay
penitentaries, to cities, and ghettos i got it locked
i’m abn go check the trunk (*schreeching tires*)i bet i’m fully stocked
i’m so deep in the streets – i started and ain’t never gon’stop
and f*ck a [reversed] b*tch, ya’ll make sure ya’ll rotate in the box
it ain’t no greetin through the lines, i spitt it clear as day
n*gg*s gay, plus it’s understood you get it – how you play
i call the shots around my way, i’m that n*gg* in charge
and f*ck the talk, you better see me with an entourage

[verse 3: yung joc]
this is not a movie (cut) – no re runs
all sells final, no refunds
once i make the payment, the hits out
i’m not jeezy – i ain’t swappin sh*t out (that’s right)
first i tell ’em (what you tell ’em?) – where i want it done (where you want it?)
in the back yard, right in front of his son (*screaming*)
then i tell ’em (what you tell ’em) – where to drop him off
in the chattahoochie with his d*ck chopped off (d*mn)
yeah it sounds harsh, but it’s well deserved
feed his *ss to the sharks, for our’dueuvres
no remorse, no pity
this could happen to you in new joc city


[verse 4: lil’boss]
before the day i want this b*tch knocked the f*ck off the globe
while i’m posted inside my crib, in a hoover blue robe
it’s lil’boss, i send my villans to seek an elobe
dumpin a few, makin these n*gg*s hop fences like toads
better practice what they be preechin when f*ckin with me
i introduce yo’*ss to h*ll when f*ckin with me
i got some n*gg*s that’ll go do the job for free
you lose yo’life when tryna mob in the streets like me
any action you n*gg*s takin need to discipline
you bangin with a hoover gang criminal, b*tch you listenin (ya heard me)
price tag on your head, rice bag for the lead
b*tch n*gg*s gon’get it the right way, cause it’s a code red

[verse 5: jay’ton]
i gotta couple grand for any n*gg* that want it
you shouldn’t have started, now you done got me up on it
see i got n*gg*s from the west, all the way to fifth ward
i’m hoover crippin, i got blood’s and bd’s in my squad
it’s jay’ton n*gg* and now i’m set trippin
it’s abn you better chill before you come up missin
they call me tarzan b*tch cause i run with guerillas
i’m certified my older brother dinkie was a killer
i’m slow loud to the bang, and i bang to the left
you violate me and i swear i’m gon’bang to the death (bow)
and it’s a d*mn shame, but i’m playin it dirty
i’m barely twenty, f*ck n*gg* you d*mn near out ya thirties

[verse 6: yung joc]
i gotta couple killers, down in pre – trial
put gl*ss in your food, you sh*t – your guts leak out
the sheriff call your mother and she freak out (*crying*)
got her hittin member up, got him on speed dial
ooh it ain’t nothin, but a call away
come home find, your baby sister in the hallway
9 – 1 – 1, but it’s too late
she lookin like a maxi pad, bleedin through the duct tape

[chorus: repeat ’til end]

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