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lirik lagu crucifiction lane – a salty dog

you’d better listen anybody, ‘cos i’m gonna make it clear
that my life is unimportant; what i’ve done i did through fear
there’s a river running through me: on its tide i tried to hide
nonetheless i could not shake it, and in the end it swept aside
all my feeble unimportance. i can’t say it, never mind
can’t you hear me mother calling you? i’m cold, i’m deaf, i’m blind
and if only ‘cos you’re lucky, we both know that’s no find
i did think i’d be an actor. what i am i’ll leave behind

you’d better listen anybody, ‘cos it’s me and you –that’s it
and in case you find your maker perhaps you’ll plead for us a bit
all my sick is in my stomach, all my sweat is clearly fear
and if you could see inside me i don’t think you’d have me here
tell the helmsman veer to starboard, bring this ship around to port
and if the sea was not so salty i could sink instead of walk
and in case of p*ssing strangers who are standing where i fell
tell the truth: you never knew me, and in truth it’s just as well

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