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lirik lagu currency – trina

(feat. lil wayne, rick ross)

they know what we want, give it to us [x4]

twenty, tens, n fives (carots)
if you a balla than a hundred’s gon’ fly
that’s what i’m talkin bout
stacks to the sky

we gon’ twenty, tens, n fives [x2]

[verse: rick ross]
i’m not a five dolla n*gg*, i’m a billion dollar ent*ty
all i chase is money only bad b*tches interest me
dade county n*gg*, diamonds come from tiffany’s
bought the prototype n they hit the streets eventually
toss my dolla bills, toss my dolla bills
all i ever wanna do, toss my dolla bills
all they talkin cease, u could hear the breeze
when the b*tches realizin that i’m throwin hun’ beefs

[verse: trina]
twenty, fifty, hundredes on my bed i think i’ll pay but
pillows made of thousand dollar bills can you wait
million dollar carpet, then i’ll f*ck it, keep the change
i keep a lenin closet of some fresh, she said what’s his name
i got mr. willdrow wilsons h*t the stocket stange
and they know what i want, they sit the money for i came
spend it on the chain blow it all at the bar
weezy baby comin deep, this is trina rockstarr

[verse: lil wayne]
man all i got is hundreds, i ain’t even stuntin
stuck on the bendges like benjamin b*tton
trina what it do, i ain’t seen ya in a minute
but i think about my life but thank god that u was in it
h*llo weezy baby, aka payday, twenty, tens, fives
i give that sh*t to nana, young money boss, cash money g
weezy f baby and the f is for free.

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