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lirik lagu cyclops – all

save your mundane plat*tudes for those who give a sh*t
i’ll burn in h*ll and be through with it.
i’ve got a life, it ain’t big but it’s a life.
i’ve got clothes and heaven knows that i’ve still got my health.
i look good if i do say so myself.
i’ve got a soul, it ain’t yours but it’s a soul.
chalk up my lack of fire to self control.
all the d*cks with nightsticks

poison boys with blue.
all the dumb and uglies in your wrecking crue.
they make me bleed nothin i can do.
wouldn’t be so sure if i were you.
weren’t you the guys with get-lost eyes

found me again but this time you’re here too late.
that made my highschool great?
i paid my dues when i wore corrective shoes.
toughest kid in gym cl*ss
when i earned the right to ignore you.
terror in the hall.
captain every fall.

necking with the prom queen
can’t cut me now cause your knife’s too dull.
it must p*ss you off to know it all.

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