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lirik lagu damn – 112

[verse 1]

d*mn why’d you have to look so good?
d*mn why’d you have to be so s*xy? ohh ohhh
d*mn why’d you have to dress so flyy?
why’d you have to catch my eye?
ohh ohh wont somebody tell me why?
d*mn why’d i have to fall in love at a time when i knew i wasnt ready? ohh ohh
why did i fall for you?
why did i love her too?
what was i suppose to do? ohh ohh

[chorus 1x]
d*mn now i never meant to break your heart no
d*mn and i never really meant to leave you alone babe
d*mn but i had to except that we were not happy
i just wasnt working

[verse 2]

d*mn why’d you have to be so cool
at a time when me and ol’ girl was having our problems? oh ohh
d*mn, why’d she have to be so cruel?
why did i turn to you?
did i make the wrong move?
d*mn, why did you give me sp*ce?
at a time when that girl was trying to holla ohh
d*mn why’d u have to take her place?
why’d did you have to stay?
why was it too late for us?

[chorus 2x]

[verse 3]

baby i should let it go
or should i let her know
i got another on the side and she does everything right
i dont know what else to do, i’m not happy with you

as she steps in and everything i need she’s giving me
i cant believe just how good she is to me
and i dont ever want her ever to stop cause i love her so much
all that i can say is

[chorus until end]

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Disclaimer: lirik lagu damn - 112 adalah properti dan hak cipta oleh pemilik / pencipta, dan disajikan untuk tujuan edukasi, promosi dan untuk penggunaan pribadi.

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