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lirik lagu days without – all that remains

and now destined to be
the last one standing here
the past alive to me
and mocking hope is all i had

in weakness it hides from me
and then it infiltrates my heart

so wrong to think i had found
it was so long since i felt that at all
i had dreamed long in days without
i had so long wanted something much more

those looks so lovingly caressed
my thoughts and still today
they scream to me
their sweet warmth moistening my breath

i may never get away
i crave i hunger

and still i leave behind
this wreckage in my wake
i was not long inside
but still savor the taste

i’d rather hate myself for failing
than hate myself for never having tried
nothing will fill me
the way these p*ssions do
the feeling tempts me and warms me

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