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lirik lagu deep stroker – lil ru

i tell her
p*ssy poppin
panty droppin
girl you is the freak (freak)[x3]

so won’t you put that p*ssy on me

[chorus: x2]
shawty wanna f*ck me
cause i’m a deep stroker
know that you’s a supa freak
so won’t you deep throat it
girl i got that recipe
i’m a leave that p*ssy smokin
so won’t you
move it in slow motion shawty move it in slow motion (move it in slow motion mo-move it in slow motion)

[verse 1:]
baby girl you lookin good
so won’t you ride with me
i can take ya very far
that’s where ya ‘pose to be
know that i’m a real g
they gotta know it’s me
shawty i run the streets
know that i keep the heat

[? ] love the way i twist and turn
i’m doin my thang
i’m shinin hard on ya like
diamonds all in my chain
i change lanes in the chevy
baby, watch me ball
if a n*gg* wanna hate
then i’m a punk all ya’ll
but oh lordy
shawty lookin good
she f*ckin with the n*gg*
cause she know i’m from the hood
i’m like “shawty,
roll with ya boy
the same mothaf*cka told ’em [? ] ”
now i got her lookin at me like
she really wanna f*ck
if ya put it in ya mouth
betta suck it ’til i nut
like uh! yeah
all ova her b*tt
who up in this mothaf*cka?
you know, girl, wats up


[verse 2:]
[? ] so fine, down to vibe
i can tell dat cause it’s in ya eyes
got a big d*ck for between them thighs
you can get it, right now
girl you so fly, you s*xy
make me want to molest dat
dat thang lookin so ready
that’s why i’m confessin
dat p*ssy just so swoll’
i’m beatin, ya know
get money, fa sho
i’m ballin, uh oh
ya’ll n*gg*s know my game so ridiculous
got a pit bull, n*gg* i’ll hit it quick
ya’ll n*gg*s in a gang can’t f*ck with us
[? ] mothaf*ckas so respect dat sh*t
i’m flossin gettin cash
yeah, she bouncin dat *ss
and i’m spinnin (spinnin)
let me know if you with it
i’m dippin, they shrimpin
i’m steady throwin them dollas
[? ] her belly
[? ] i’ll holla
i’m a baller, don’t call her
tomorrow i stall her
in da mall bruh
ya’ll mothaf*ckas n*gg*s can’t maul us
i’ll maul her
i put them legs behind her head
and i’m a beat it
guaranteed [? ] gansta
while yo p*ssy *ss gone eat it


move it in slow motion, oh oh [x3]
(move it in slow motion, mo-move it in slow motion)
won’t you put that p*ssy on me

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