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lirik lagu demolition freestyle pt 2 – gudda gudda

(feat. lil wayne)

[verse 1: gudda gudda]
more money, more b*tches,
more work, more haters, equals more snitches,
more digits? no. more commas,
me affiliated with trend setters equals more drama,
weezy obama, th-that’s my co-signer,
you see osama, in my persona,
steamin’ like a sauna,
sick i need a doctor,
stap you before i drown you,
now you just another red lobster,
where the b*tches at?
i need a head doctor, nice thick and red,
b*tch you f*ckin’ with a top-shotta,
t-t-top dolla’
n*gg* young money,
we got old money,
don’t play dumb money,
all black whips,
all red flags,
put that red dot on yo head, play head tag,
real n*gg*s missin, when i’m preachin’ to ’em,
now we all know money talks cause’ i’m speakin to ’em.

[verse 2: lil’wayne]
but i ain’t speakin’ to ’em,
i call my guns jumpers, cause’ my bullets just leapin’ to ’em,
all you boys busters,
so soft, bet the wind blew ’em,
i claim flame, i am just rekindlin’
my intuition is get paid,
but this glock will knock you back to 5th grade,
i… school you n*gg*, but none you’s get a’s,
got a b*tch who won’t stop, til’ everyone of us get laid,
all you n*gg*s is son-of-a-b*tch made,
and if ya girlfriend utta, i cut her like switch blades,
we ride like roller blades,
now gone give me head til’ it fall off of you shoulder babe,
i smoke all day, that’s why i’m so away,
mentally mind blow, now gone and blow away,
yaw n*gg*s just super fake,
i put you n*gg*s on mute, then i mutilate,
i mac like the computer say,
my hoess coop-er-ate, i mean cooperate,
i don’t know how to say,
oh but i gotta say,
i just 4, 5 away to ain’t no one alive to say,
that i 4, 5’ed away,
then i drive away,
paper chasin’ money runnin like ondalay,
better find a way,
better not be m.i-way,
i take it farther than zembabway,
i make it harder for the wimps,
i stay on they necks no lettin up,
and i tote that can opener, make me bust yo 7-up,
heaven up,
h*ll down,
man down,
gayle down,
and i keep that hammer, do you wanna get nailed down?
better kneal down,
cause’ i am the god,
i am the harder mu’f*cka to try and before,
my diet is shaw,
i ryer than wall,
fightin’ ’em all,
bitin’ ’em all,
giant or small,
i am a dog,
i can smile at dumb b*tches and brighten ’em all,
i am a hog,
rightin’ all,
i just lay that pipe and i’m off,
call me plumber,
and give your girl my number,
i am a b*mble… bee on the humble,
your girlfriend want my pickle and my cuc*mber,
tell yo boy-frann i’ll turn him to a vegatable,
break a n*gg* down like a decimal,
i’m tellin’ you,
i’m very cool,
non-less a fool,
f*ckin’ up my revenue,
i tote that whatever dude,
i shoot at whatever dude,
just bought a lambrogini mar-cee-el-lo-goo,
and my guuuh’ from the bay say it’s h*lla cool,
where’s the heli-pad? my helicopter land,
i shot the man, if i’m not the man,
do i go in? or i go in?
i’m not yo friend, i’m not yo kin,
i’ll make your brain come out your chin,
been in the game since the beginning,
i’m all about winning,
i look down i see them, when i look up i don’t see any,
you pooh like winnie,
do i diddy?
i just left, but your boo right with me,
and i’m from never do right city,
but don’t get me wrong, young money i’m gone…

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