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lirik lagu dennis, hook me up with some more of that whiskey – kid cudi

dennis, hook me up with some more of that whiskey

dennis, you gotta hook me up with some more of this whiskey
turnt up

[verse 1]
now i don’t give a f*ck what n*gg*s doing
worrying ’bout my thousand dollar pants
wake up, bake up in the limo benz
come to think about it, don’t have many friends
go to brunch by my d*mn self
flirt with girls when they see my car
f*ck ‘em when they see that i’m a star
never ever open up and show my heart
it’s the coldest winter in the summer, dawg
many women, mothaf*ck ‘em all
they just really want to train a dog
i’m a real n*gg* to the core
i’ve got baby girl by the mall
pedal to the metal to the floor
i’mma holler while i’m hitting corners hard
yeah i gotta hit them corners hard

i guess i’m just a lost cause
just a skinny n*gg* with so many flaws
starin’ in that night, tight drawers
fingers digging right inside my palm
waitin’ waitin’ for the calm
seen the thing, i know what’s goin’ on
i’m finally comin’ alive
and it seems the ghost is movin’ on

you know what that is? i’ll tell you what that is, that’s a alien bruv, believe it
(those guys didn’t think i would do it, i told you i was gonna do it)

[verse 2]
see, i could never have a desk job
my work take a n*gg* abroad
meeting up late with foreign broads
relaxing cause a n*gg* hustle hard
man i gotta take a load off
meet a dime, let her take her clothes off
took a trip out to doha
filmin’ short films on a whim
got dinner in a few with prince sheikh
kanye change a n*gg* life twice
gotta ride, gotta rep, ay
getting rid of all the dead weight
n*gg*s really want me dead, hey
not my fault i’m intriguing
drinkin’ and drivin’ and weavin’
pop a molly, feelin’ ten again
project x type weekend
except a n*gg* d*mn near thirty
like twenty one will never end
here i go with my second wind
you already know i’m goin’ in
and i’ve been waitin’
i’ve been waitin’ to sh*t on you

yeah, g.o.o.d. music we a family
kid motherf*ckin’ cudi

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