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lirik lagu destructive selection – altar

almost everyday i get
irritated by the fact
*ssholes like you are near
annoying me everywhere

if i was a n*z*, i’d vote against you
if there was a god, i’d pray for help
if i was social, i’d talk to you
b*ttf*ck your sh*t, i have myself

my nerves stretching tight
you’re asking for a fight
you’re allowed to test
but i advice to stop

violence & aggression
torrent in your direction
avoiding discussions
destructive selection

enraged election
exhaust the conversation
discharged into
vandalistic stupification

if you project your hate on me
you can expect the same from me
i’m not a christian
don’t forgive and forget
i’m not a fascist
i’m much smarter than that
i’m not a pacifist and wait like a fool
i’m not that stupid, i don’t fall for you

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