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lirik lagu do it – t.i.

“do it”

[verse 1]
you looking good in them guess’s shawty showing yo *ss
make a n*gg* wanna grab a hold of yo *ss
strip you out yo couchie dress and hit the flo’ wit yo *ss
when i leave the club i wanna see some more of yo *ss
i ain’t tricking sh*t but i might spend some dough on yo *ss
the way you bouncin on my d*ck and grindin’ slow wit yo *ss
hit the v.i.p. wit me i po’ some moe’ fo yo *ss
just so i can see you out there bouncin yo *ss
if i leave the club wit something rather go wit yo *ss
them other broads fine but you a pro wit yo *ss
when i see u poppin and droppin i know it’s yo *ss
in a crowd full of hoes i would notice yo *ss

[bridge: t.i.]
a now a thug done chose
and i don’t give a d*mn if the club done closed
give the dj a dub tell him spin one mo
so i can finish watching you poppin yo
shakin yo, droppin yo, bouncin yo *ss

[hook: t.i. & females]
[t] now all my guls say
[f] do it baby stick it baby
[t] yeeeah, bounce ya *ss and holla
[f] do it baby stick it baby
[t] alright, a in the club say
[f] do it baby stick it baby
[t] okay, so if ya wit it holla
[f] do it baby stick it baby

[verse 2]
i see ya every friday night outside the club in da line wit ya partners
shawty you see all that *ss poking out them dolce gabbana’s
hey as soon as she get in i’m a find her *ss
the first record the dj spend i’m behind her *ss
i don’t care if i got some henn’ i’m putting down my gl*ss
just so i can get out there and grind her *ss
wit yo fine *ss, must i remind yo *ss?
you da baddest thing in here that’s why i’m eyeing yo *ss
in ya iceberg suit, ya face looking cute and i like those boots
ya nails all pretty and ya hair due too
i’m f*cking wit you, sh*t just choose and we’ll be f*cking by two

[bridge: 1x]

[hook: 1x]

[verse 3]
i made this song to let you know sh*t that i see ya when you workin dat *ss
make a n*gg* think later on he gone be twerkin’ that *ss
and i can tell by the way you throw it back it ain’t no hurting dat *ss
and ain’t no room for nothing else in that skirt but that *ss
the jiggling shawty, got a n*gg* shivering shawty
and if you don’t know what to do wit you better give it here shawty
put a bend in her back, i’m throwing the d*ck she giving it back
i tell her if you ever give me dat *ss i ain’t giving it back
she bouncing her *ss, later on i’m a blow a ounce wit her *ss
ride out wit her *ss, cut sumethin’ on the couch wit her *ss
then bounce to her pad, coz you know it ain’t no housing her *ss
coz since the first time i seen her, all i been thinking bout is her *ss

[bridge: 1x]

[hook: 1x]

do it baby stick it baby [8x then end]

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