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lirik lagu do ya thing (remix) – cam’ron

[cam’ron: intro]
this is a remix (remix, remix)
dipset! killa cam! duke da god! (remix, remix)

[cam’ron: verse 1]
i make cheddar that’s cheddar, you gotta say bravo
ma mess with me, i’m better than lotto
got more than a million, f*ck a dollar and a dream
you don’t even need a dollar, holla at the team
chicken, cornbread, collared on your greens
mansions, cars, prada on your jeans
h*ll in harlem, i’m poppin’ up in queens
brooklyn, the bronx, hoppin’ on the scene
and you’re not from the regime, and i’m popular with fiends
no gossip they cop it, crotched up in a lean
cars i cop it, crotched up and i lean
seventy five, dropped it on a beam
and you love the way i’m bouncin’ it, weed i roll a pound of it
ya’ll n*gg*z are counterfeit, money i stay countin’ it
throw a punch and i counter quick, down to flip
beef i love the sound of it, your crib’ll be surround in it

do ya thing, do ya thing, do it [4x] (this is the remix)
more killing killing, more killing killing, for killa killa [4x]

[cam’ron: verse 2]
yes honey got money, yea my money is right
but my wrist so bright, look like ‘sunny delight’
twenty k times twenty, times twenty the price
you don’t do math, eight million in ice
and yea, i got more to tell must be bored as h*ll
electronic jewelry, i need a ‘duracell’
battery triple a, where the icicles lay
and beat you with a wiffle bat, all over a nickel play
girlfriend, my girlfriend got the nickel plate
right in the bra, it tickle her little nipples hey!(hey!)
juelz got the whistle ay! (ay!)
me, i got the whistle that whistle right through the pistol k!
and this is the chronicles of killa (that’s killa)
and don’t smoke cuz the chronic it’ll kill ya
i’m a monster and gorilla, that’ll conquer for the scrilla
you will get an invoice you vomit in the villa

do ya thing, do ya thing, do it [8x] (this is the remix)
(dipset!, killa!)
more killing killing, more killing killing, for killa killa [4x]

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Disclaimer: lirik lagu do ya thing (remix) - cam'ron adalah properti dan hak cipta oleh pemilik / pencipta, dan disajikan untuk tujuan edukasi, promosi dan untuk penggunaan pribadi.

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