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lirik lagu don’t make me hurt ya feelings – ice cube

[ice cube]
from hood to hood, sea to shinin sea
let this be the anthem, when you n*gg*z see me
f*ck ’em, uh-huh

when i’m on the block, and you see me chillin
with that drop-top, don’t let me hurt ya feelings
when i’m in the club, lookin like a million
with that b*tch you love, don’t let me hurt ya feelings

[ice cube]
tick tock, n*gg*z see me on the block
and they stomachs drop, cause i’m so f*ckin hot
now, you know my m.o. pull up and blow the h*rn
she runs out at night and comes back in the morn’
leave these n*gg*z lookin like children of the corn
ain’t nuttin in the world like a b*tch n*gg* scorned
forewarned if you thinkin ’bout this p*rn
it may result in yo’ drawers gettin torn n*gg*
i’m jose jackson last born
i’m a rooster, fogh*rn legh*rn
youse a loser, get your feelings hurt when i seduce her
she turn my d*ck to stone just like medusa
mad cause i got my d*ck sucked, and my b*lls licked
f*ggot n*gg*z come out the closet
you know that b*tch you like that’s throwin the p
you know that b*tch you like is goin with me


[ice cube]
let the fo’ chrome blow ya dome, n*gg* i’m the king of rome
jim jones these hoes into my living room
n*gg*z get jealous, at the goodfellas
“he’s a hot dog~!” n*gg* add relish
papered out, lay you out, f*ckin with my paper route
take you out so momma cain’t make you out
when i creep n*gg*z read ’em and weep
when they peep i’m a f*ckin wolf dressed like a sheep
so fresh, so clean, so nice, so mean
she’s a motherf*ckin fiend for this n*gg*role supreme (yeay-yay)
hoes scream they wanna be on my team, but uhh
it’s a dream like martin the king
heartbreaker, money taker, n*gg*, it’s my nature
to shake her, soon as a n*gg* break her
and i’m done, you can have her back
sucker n*gg*z askin where yo’ *ss was at


[ice cube]
my hood, yo’ hood, n*gg*z up to no good
get your shine on, please make it understood
get your grind on n*gg* ’til it’s all good
run up on these 24’s – wish you would

i wish y’all b*tch n*gg*z would
swizz beatz wanna give you crybaby n*gg*z a pacifier
when you see us comin get to runnin [fades out]

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Disclaimer: lirik lagu don't make me hurt ya feelings - ice cube adalah properti dan hak cipta oleh pemilik / pencipta, dan disajikan untuk tujuan edukasi, promosi dan untuk penggunaan pribadi.

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