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lirik lagu don’t fear – akrobatik

“motherf*ckin’ akrobatik” “rip the sh*t up” [x3]
“motherf*ckin’ akrobatik” “y’all know who this is”

[verse one]
you call it a prophecy prediction or psychic
but i know as long as i posess my skill i’m gonna mic it
when my voice gets amplified
the crowd gets electrified
plus i got the average mc petrified
the rest have died multiple deaths in they sleep
dreamin ’bout facing the akrobatik skills cause they too deep
critical depths of poor minds? implode?
rappers suffer from swolen glands and torn lymph nodes
when in this mode i feel invincible
bringing true talent instead of acting like victoria principle
very authentic akrobatik’s a pseudonym
study my art like ninjas in judo gyms plus i bring
incredible phrases hip hop fiends are craving
while other heads are mentally enslaving i’m engraving
my name in hip hop which real heads are craving
returning every year like i’m daylight saving
you could call it a prophecy, prediction or psychic
but i know as long as i posess my skill i’m gonna mic it

hip hop
a new era new year
you got beef let’s end it rigt here
skills coming from all angles of the atmosphere
don’t fear, mr akroba-atik is here, yo

“motherf*cking akrobatik” “in concert this year”
“with all these rappers under pressure i know who this”

[verse two]
yo i be the mic mutilator
taking rap to a greater standing
with every pugilistic flow another blow is landing
numerous rap factions have disbanded
as a result of lyrical skills that i’ve commanded
my t*tanic flows they got your ss minnows stranded
it ain’t s*x or money so you can’t understand it or dig it
cause you’re just a f*ckin’ mental midget
i choke your puny? thesis? and shrink your record sales digits
squeezing with the strength of t*tanium
then i’m kidnpping your first sons and intellect training ’em
because you lack the genes to put a decent brain in ’em
you’ll only tell ’em ’bout hookers and methods of maintainin’ ’em
i tell them ’bout the keys to wisdom and how to be gaining them
so there’s les asylums with n*gg*z goin’ insane in them
wack flows – i rain on ’em sort of like a pharoah
with jams that return every year like christmas carols
you could call it a prophecy prediction or psychic
but i know as long as i posess my skill i’m gonna mic it


“motherf*cking akrobtik” “bout to rip sh*t up”
“bring it to that *ss raw” “check it out”

[verse three]
yo when it comes to the mic device
n*gg*z on your block know akro gets nice
bringing n*gg*z horror like vincent price
all over your dome like lice mad precise
leaving crowds dizzy like gillespie
i’m leading hip hop’s next generation f*ck? mc? break like gretzky
hard like slaphots while mc’s throw cr*p shots
hip hop was not born in no d*mn crack spot
but n*gg*z learn a new word and act absurd
got a lot of shephards with brainless herds, word
just when it sounds simple comes the complex
can’t understand, write it down, learn the context
extra! extra! read it in the scriptures
a thousand years ago and from now ak rips ya
call it a prophecy prediction or a psychic
but i know as long as i posess my skill i’m gonna mic it


“motherf*ckin’ akrobatik” “he can put these rappers under pressure”
“bring it to that *ss raw” “check it”
“bout to rip sh*t up” [x4]

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