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lirik lagu dr. frasier’s office (intro) – tech n9ne

f*ck you n*gg*rs (reversed)
i don’t even know why i came here in the first place, ’cause i’ve never understood why a person would even need a psychiatrist. i mean obviously travis thought i needed this so it’s whatever, ya know?
dr. frazier: do you believe in hypnosis mr. yates?
h*ll no
dr. frazier: haha. ok mr. yates. lay back and relax. let your eyes follow the pendulum. the pendulum mr. yates, not my br**sts.
oh sorry
dr. frazier: listen to the sound of my voice. can you still hear me mr. yates
dr. frazier: i want inside your thoughts. tell me exactly what’s on your mind
just listen to me a second. it’s all about you baby. girl, i promise i’ll never hurt you again, because this is my last offer. i just want to be with you girl, and i’ll never call you that name again. and i want you because i love you…bullsh*t! i’m just playing yall come on!

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