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lirik lagu driven – sevendust

(stop the man)
fom endin up with all the chips so he can’t
(promse him an only chance)
to have the freedom that’s been takin from me

(you – can – try – to – lift – your – head – no)
you f*cked up with me now live with the truth
find a reason to lie (try)

seems like it hasn’t been long – i’ve given
(so much how could you hide)
you’re sick with all the guilt you’re never – forgiven
(you try to wash it away – wash it away)

(ask again) why all the dreams i had
are now left broken
(punished for a wounded past)
afraid to wake and find reality breathin
(why – has – life – been – taken – from – me)
i f*cked up and now i live with the truth
with no reason to lie (i)

feel like it hasn’t been long – i’m driven
(to keep myself alive)
you’re sick with all the guilty you’re never – forgiven
(you’ll never wash it away – wash it away)

(how can you live with yourself)

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