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lirik lagu e – i’d rather fuck you – eazy

aaaah, this is one of them songs
you can kick back and smoke a joint to
and get real f*cked up
i like to dedicate this one to all the lovely young ladies out there
oh me? i’m eazy e, alias a hoe taming motherf*cker
and i want all you ladies to know something

[verse 1:]
i’d rather f*ck with you all godd*mn night,
cause your p*ssy’s good
now i’m f*cking al your friends,
cause you ran your mouth like i knew you would
you were bragging to your friends,
saying eazy e knows how to f*ck
so bring your *ss in here and give me some,
so i can bust a nut

i’d rather f*ck you, yeah (said i’d rather f*ck you) [2x]

[verse 2:]
i’d rather f*ck with you,
cause i like the way you scream my name
i know you like this d*ck,
cause you enjoy the pleasure and pain
now i’m riding on this p*ssy here,
and i’m gonna stiop
we can do it doggystyle,
and you can get on top


whoo boy, i’d rather f*ck you, yeah
ineed you baby, whoo, i’d rather f*ck you
i’d rather f*ck with you

[verse 3:]
i’d rather f*ck with you,
cause the other b*tches wanna wine and dine
i better hurry up and bust a nut,
cause it’s check out time,
she said she wanted me to eat the p*ssy,
well i think i’ll p*ss
so get your *ss up you funky b*tch,
and wash your *ss

[chorus fades]

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Disclaimer: lirik lagu e - i'd rather fuck you - eazy adalah properti dan hak cipta oleh pemilik / pencipta, dan disajikan untuk tujuan edukasi, promosi dan untuk penggunaan pribadi.

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