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lirik lagu elephants – tory lanez


h*llo its the fly guy
money to the sky guy
i can let the 9 color yall like some tie dye
bars like my wifi
cars like a drive by
even when you tweetin still ain’t even on my timeline
i keep the 9 i’m gettin cash times 9
i like my women real quiet like some mimes
i’m gettin lost in the money still i find time
for the brain like i’m einstein
i don’t know what them b*tches thought
i can make your chick depart
i be hittin hoes you only see on 106 and park
funny how them same hoes is always at my crib to talk
but if you came here just to talk, b*tch get out my whip and walk
cuz i ain’t got time for losin time on stupid dimes
take my head and lose my mind
i f*ck these hoes in twos at times its 3 yea they at 2 and 9
see i make you feel the shine like i don’t use your blinds
baby give me brain and let my d*ck bruise your mind
get money like social bankin
my hoes is so sri lankin
its funny you boast n braggin
and i ain’t got no hoes that’s laggin
got love and basketball
chicks hug and p*ss my b*lls
she keep her flockin mouth shut and her *ss involved
i love to freakin score, i never p*ss the ball
your chick is on my pipe, c*m white as asher roth
wow, b*tch i bling like blow
the money chinese so it ching like chow
now what your hoe name is
my whip is so brainless
i let your chick suck on my d*ck until her throat famous
your man is so nameless, and me i’m so famous
she ain’t gettin no money from me, f*ck what your hoe game is
bad b*tches only, sign on my d*ck
give me brain shawty put your mind on my stick
i got thugs with me that’ll grind for the brick
time is money i ain’t spendin time on your chick
ew, still i pitch to a mil
i’m pullin hoes in like fish to a reel
my watch swimmin like my wrist full of gills
cold d*ck leave a b*tch full of chills, for real
yall n*gg*s can flip and kill me
i’m spittin that sh*t that’s filthy
i cut your arm and put it on me ask you if you feel me
aye hanz my n*gg* is you filmin
i think that we should film it
i think that she should feel me
i’m spittin c*ke fiends ask a n*gg* if your dealin
i’m stackin money til that mothaflocka hits the ceilin
yup, my b*tch sweet like some penicillin
and i keep it drillin, that’s a tool box n*gg*

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