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lirik lagu enjoy – tech n9ne

(feat. bosko, krizz kaliko)

you’re body don’t lie i can tell you’ve done this before
you’re too locked up let me put my key in your door
put your body all on top of me i want to enjoy

s*xy s*xy enjoy, wont you let me enjoy

[verse 1]
welcome to my wonderful world of enjoyment
only go getting s*xy women get employment
full of exuberance behavior is flamboyant
anyone not drinkin’ or smoking’ is an annoyance
if you wanna work you can visit me in the c*ckpit
you wont know you have it when i put you on the hot list
then i check your body parts makin sure that its spotless
i am the controller so baby just know i got this
truly elegant s*xy for the h*ll of it
who you got waitin at the crilla is irrelevant
need to know the smell of it smellin like the crotch produce spring flower is what i tell the b*tch

s*xy s*xy enjoy, wont you let me enjoy

[verse 2]
bb bc bg bp (baby fat) cc (chanel) gc (gucci)
take it off so i can see ya 3d
ya great at extending the bp
oh sh*t focus, low chicks, hold this (what?)
(hootie and the blow fish, huh?) hocus pocus
imma go in my pocket and pull out a wad of this glock and baby its no trip
and when your shifts over we can be done
or we can pretend you a sleaze no tease
you can check out anytime you like
but you can never leave the need to please

s*xy s*xy enjoy, wont you let me enjoy

[verse 3]
i can see your lips a smilin but its not the ones above
if i enter in ya would you start preachin that its love
you’re topless (oh lord) your bottom is too
kinda crazy what i wanna do to you but ooh (ooh wee)
baby do me, give to me, please let me enjoy

s*xy s*xy enjoy, wont you let me enjoy

[verse 4]
its not a fantasy (so so real)
comin uncontrollably
s*xy individual baby lets get physical.
play with you, you are my toy.
i want to enjoy.

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