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lirik lagu enthralled in existence – atheist

[lyrics: shaefer]
[music: atheist]

i’ve scaled over the walls of morality
not quite sure what i’d find
there on the other side
waiting in a common stance
relieve me of my duty
as keeper of this body
just leave me with my mind
and i *ssure you
i will be just fine

tears stream from cheek
of a man whose body his mind does not seek
a very gruelling rendition
of a human soul’s indecision
the qualities of a finer being
locked well within this sh*ll
crying out to be released
to a body that serves as well

malformed at birth
you see what it’s worth
in a mirror i ask why
such a shame, wanting to die

in a past lifetime
i feel i’ve had mine
shared with no one
excuse me i must go now!
unhappy as he exits
unhappy as he came
enthralled in the essence
the essence of life to be

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