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lirik lagu epic – b.o.b

(feat. playboy tre & meek mill)

you know who it is without a doubt or hesitation
if money talks i got my masters in communications
but you can’t hold a conversation
probably find me burning something good you can call that smoking aces
compliment the chef in the lab making greatness
ain’t a thing changed but the number on the statement
nba resume, baller’s my occupation
kush so loud i can’t hear what was you saying
praise yo solo that the freaks in the backseat
get a thrill off the alpine when it vibrate they *ss cheeks
i’m bobby ray baby an all american athlete
i run and leap and jump and represent like a track meet
yeah that oughta do it
give it that carl lewis, ha
i got the magic baby call me george lucas
i’m so prolific but the flow’s so foolish
these n*gg*s making moves, my n*gg*s making movies, wait

[playboy tre:]
wild like a crazy mic
clean like a baby wipe
y’all just a momma boy sleeping with a baby light
my ex say i’m a d*ck cause my mind frank c*cky
up in beninhan’, drunk as f*ck, drinking all the sake
d*mn right i want a double fried rice
i’m getting bread i put my d*ck up in your face
your face’ll look like stewies head
girls call me tre day
i’m looking for pay day
my squad’s got more bottle poppin’ n*gg*s than the aa
liquor and wheelbarrow, foolish as will ferrell
but i ain’t got a step brother, i f*ck your step mother
i cussed cause i like it b*tch
f*ck hoe m*th*rf*cker
you mad cause i’m balling, life is a m*th*rfcker
shawtys and leprichauns so hate or live life a little
new sh*t dropping soon “patron & instrumental”
til then stay tuned freak, and thanks for the hot gin
it’s tre, my flow won’t quit til i say it ends

eastside on my arm, 3 stripes on my sneakers
don’t roll with p*ssy n*gg*s, we call them vajeenas
that’s why your girl choosing dawg, pray i never meet her
i tap her on the head and tell her you know the procedure
you just mad with no b*tch cause i’m chilling with your b*tch
she threw out your mixtape but she knows my whole disc
my flow’s sick, i’m a poet, edgar allan poe sh*t
haters be getting defensive like 4th down and show blitz
but i don’t punt it, i run it for one hundred
ever since i was a youngin’, been hungry as paul bunyon
i’m the sh*t so fix the plumbing
i’m a beast and the game’s jumanji
and if this ain’t what you call hip-hop it must be bungee jumping
i’m smoking on hydroponic some of you call that chronic
hennessey in my vomit cause the night before jumpin’
lil c got that beat b*mping so you can hear me coming
and my name’s bobby ray, eastside of the a just incase anybody was wondering b*tch

[meek mill:]
oohh i’m a matherf*cking beast
all my haters rest in peace
i make a hundred on the monday and go hard the rest of week
pray on n*gg*s like a sunday
see your artist that’s a feast
i got like 38 inch c*ck, i let you p*ss*es catch a piece
it was me and old melly? in the scaglietti
bout to scoop these b*tches cause they say they past ready
swagger on the finish, i think i’m andretti
i push it to the limit get ’em haters g*ssed heavy
wait a minute i’m a menace
shout out to the winners
jacket boy louies like a flag before the finish?
i’m just getting started and n*gg*s at they end
and errbody say i’m hot but i’ve been hot from the beginning
i be with a b*tch that looks like kim kardashian
she ain’t on these n*gg*s not by purpose but by accident
big chris, i’ll be laxing him, you n*gg*s relaxing
and the main reason i’m p*ssing em like michael vick i’m faster than yo quarter back
i bring that order back
ain’t f*cking with that weed, like where that water at
like where them purps n*gg*
somebody order that
caught a couple cases, went to jail but i ain’t going back
free tip!

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