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lirik lagu everything everything – civet

trying to find a way to live with out ya babe
day and night my heart bleeds, but you don’t feel anything
suck it up you little b*st*rd, i’m not the same
where were you those dark nights when i cried?
i beared you name

everything i thought we had
love, trust & friendship
f*ck you make me feel so bad baby

femin*z* fingerpointing, well my mom’s my own
impossible, unforgettable, unbelievable girl you’ve known
believe (sleeved) in your heart, the power is in your hand
you can take all you want, but i break for no mane

f*ck you make me feel so bad
and i can’t get over all the love we once had
i’m trying to find a way to get you outta my life
i don’t want to be your lover
i don’t want to be you wife

listen mother f*cker, you don’t know me
you don’t f*cking own me
and i don’t love you
and you know what?
your a f*cking dirtbag
and your a f*cking cheating b*st*rd and i f*cking hate you
f*ck you,
if you weren’t such a f*cking loser
and your f*cking c*ck wasn’t so small
i would have f*cking left you in the first place
you got nothing to offer me
you’re just bad news
you’re just a f*cking sc*mmy mother f*cker that smells,
that’s too fat
that’s f*cking ugly
that’s going bald
i don’t want you in my life again, ever you mother f*cker
f*ck you
stay the f*ck away

when did my soul hit the ground?
i’m trying, i’m crying, but i just can’t be found

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