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lirik lagu follow my life – obie trice

(feat. nate dogg)

[intro – obie talking]
yeah! [echo] , uh
let ya’ll n*gg*z know me
yeah, woo!

[verse 1]
eleven, fourteen, seventy-seven a n*gg* entered
big lips, popped out placenta
momma ain’t breastfeed, had no pop neither
pop leaves sh*t but a name – obie
elementary homie that’s how it started
in garbage, r*t*rded, gainin that heart
f*ck n*gg*z, claimin they hard, a n*gg* come home touched
my motherf*ckin momma bangin me harder
“n*gg* take your *ss out their and fight for tomorrow”
that’s what she told me, “little punk, blame that on your father”
so i had no choice, n*gg* pick up a brick
split a motherf*cker’s sh*t for tryin to f*ck with the kid
get a little older, hair on my d*ck, now i’m curious
n*gg*z on the corner gettin money rockin jewelry
allowance, n*gg* that ain’t man sh*t
cowards, n*gg* that ain’t man sh*t
i had to prove to myself
how these n*gg*z same age as me calculatin this wealth
so i got me a clique and n*gg*z what?
workin one sixteenth, like “n*gg* we can clean up”

[chorus – 2x]
follow my life, homie from start ’til now
only my motherf*ckin momma n*gg* holds me down
and lord knows all this sh*t that i done put her through
i speak through her straight to you, motherf*ckers

[skit – obie talking]
two for one, here, here take this, two for one
quit switching d*cks, holla at me, see you f*ck with

[verse 2]
summer ’94, i’m gettin a little dough
taller than my momma, so i’m listenin to her nose
i’m listenin to them hoes scream “o!”
and i’m listenin to them o’s go chop!
p-funk, joe and me pumpin on the block, summertime
i call her auntie, she cop three at a time
throw a extra b*mp bringin cline
i’m so involved with the grind, i’m losin my mind
f*ck a steady job, i’m tryin
i steady mob, i’m dyin in this game, i ain’t lyin
sellin so much c*ke forgettin it’s a crime
flyin down i-75, pocket full of dimes
give a f*ck about the radar on me [police sirens]
bumpin big or pac, yo n*gg* who tryin me?

[skit – notorious big’s +big poppa+ plays in background]
[cop] – get off the god d*mn truck!
[obie trice] – f*ck you, yo i ain’t did sh*t
[cop] – put your f*cking hands in the air!
[obie trice] – b*tch!

[chorus – 2x]

[outro – obie talking (echo)]
yeah, all my of life
only my momma know
obie .. obie trice .. shady and it’s crazy, motherf*ckers

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