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lirik lagu foreplay – (hed) p.e.

you are now about to witness the power of hardcore

welcome to the pit motherf*cker

yeah b*tches
guess who’s back?

get the kids out the room right now
it’s gonna get real dirty and sh*t

(yeah daddy, i was born to ride)
(yeah daddy, i was born to ride)
(yeah daddy, i was born to ride)

motherf*ckin this is grown folks business
(yeah daddy, i was born to ride)

let’s get high
let’s get f*cked

yeah daddy, i was born to ride
if i suck your d*ck will you put it inside me?

this right here gets you warmed up for the motherf*ckin alb*m
let’s you know what’s comin
this is like foreplay for you b*tches

you can’t just jump right into p*ssy
you gotta get that sh*t ready man

you gotta play with the p*ssy
talk to the p*ssy
make friends with the p*ssy
take your motherf*ckin time with the p*ssy

like this
(get it wet first)
(get it wet)
(get it wet first)

daddy gonna f*ck it all nite

i dedicate this alb*m to everybody out there
born to ride
down for life

stay hard motherf*ckers
most of all represent yourself
be yourself
even though everybody around you is turning into a bunch of f*ggots

i can’t f*ckin stand this man

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