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lirik lagu forever winning – jae millz

“forever winning”
(feat. lil wayne)

if not us then who, leggo

young money, we the hardest team
forever winning b*tch, we on our charlie sheen
make that *ss jump, girl do your d*mn thing
we bout that life, and them n*gg*s ain’t bout a d*mn thing

[jae millz – verse 1]
okay, they say time is money, and most say life is short,
so i chase my dollar signs and let that bullsh*t walk,
you in that bullsh*t? you might as well walk,
i’m in the air first cl*ss, pound key, cant talk, sorry
look in my eyes and you gonna see its a real n*gg*,
no deck of cards n*gg*, i don’t deal with ya,
i talk to the ghost of james brown,
it was a mans world then and its a mans world now,
if you a fake n*gg* before, then you a fake n*gg* now,
nothing change, same song, same lyrics, same sound,
same sh*t different day, new problems every day,
that revolver got that bang, that automaty just spray,
f*ck games i don’t play, unless its nba 2k,
or that madden, i ain’t laughin, [?], you next to pay
that’s just jae, jae don’t think, jae just go ham,
before you could blink, you go get a drink,
she wink, next thing i know shes bent over my sink,


[lil wayne – verse 2]
its lil tuenchi
i ain’t on sh*t, i was born wayne, wish i was born rich,
millz what it do, where them new york b*tches,
if these walls could talk, i hope they talk business,
and i got my money right, and sense my money right,
i can get some kidnappers to go kidnap your son and wife,
i don’t pack a gun or knife, i pack a checkbook,
and i just point god, russel westbrook,
on the real n*gg*, the clips got curves, that’s s*x appeal n*gg*,
i’m extra ill, you pay the medical bill n*gg*,
we masked up like there was a chemical spill n*gg*,
f*ck with me e y e be d*mn if you will n*gg*,
when we rolling we pop you like an extra pill n*gg*,
shoot to kill n*gg*, the truth will kill n*gg*s,
one time for harlem, two for millz n*gg*, tunechi


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