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lirik lagu forsaken – evereve

you used to control me
no more than a puppet on a string
you used to behold me
writhing down on the ground
destiny is a waste of hope
pardon my comp*ssion
a pathetic man in a pathetic world
each night – another needle in my skin
so look into my eyes
i’m forsaken
let my spirit receive the light
you used to exploit me
no more than a face in the crowd
you used to terrify me
for the sake of delusion
come with me, don’t leave me now
in liquid neon chaos
th*rns of joy ignite my veins
each day – another needle in my skin
i’m blind – let your sterile harvest
be reduced to dust
no faith – let your false messiah
testify his l*st
i’m blind – when your shallow wastelands
are redeemed by the tide
no faith – hear the crimson choir
“let there be light!”
collapsing, misleading, no shelter, i’m freezing
raising my shadows, my ruins are hallowed
you used to control me…

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