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lirik lagu freaky behavior – 2 live crew


“turn over! i’ma stick it in y’*ss! ‘no, it’s gon’ hurt!’
you’ll get used to it.”
verse 1: brother marquis

lady godiva was a freak
she rode b*ttnaked to the street
by doing this a hundred years ago,
it’s all right for girls to be hoes
romeo, where’s juliet?
she’s out gettin’ her p*ssy wet
my man samson and that b*tch delilah,
she got mad ’cause samson tried her
all the *ss was for a little head
but she played it off like she was scared
knowing all the time she was a freak
and couldn’t wait to get in the sheets
there’s a freak in every demon
they even had s*x in the garden of eden
it’s the devil’s work, the lord can’t save ya
we got it bad, that freaky behavior
verse 2: fresh kid ice

to some she’s shy and to others she’s wild
but to her daddy she’s an innocent child
not knowing what’s happening when he’s away
but like a b*tch in heat, she’s ready to play
she f*cked five n*gg*s ’till they all got sore
then laughed in they face, and asked for more
she does what she wants, and no one can save her
a product of society with the freaky behavior
verse 3: brother marquis

hoe, you know you’re my aphrodesiac
before you suck my d*ck, can you pull the skin back?
you’re a dog-*ss b*tch doing dirty deeds
if your period’s on, then fall to your knees
b*tch, you belong in a s*x asylum
every trick in the book, your dog *ss has tried ’em
blame it on your mama, ’cause it’s how she raised ya
i guess that explains your freaky behavior
verse 4: fresh kid ice

she’s also wild, but only she can stand it
f*ckin’ all the boys and making ’em c*m in a minute
the best d*ck sucker that could ever be found
who’ll suck your b*lls, then drink the c*m
up on the ‘ave, she’s more than a teaser
and to the boys, our own private skeezer
you can tell her daddy, but no one can save her
she does what she wants with her freaky behavior

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