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lirik lagu fuck that sucka (intro) – lil’ b

f*ck that sucka (intro)

yo b*tch, welcome to this, uh, white flame, you feel me?
money over there, money over here, you feel me?
but like i said we don’t even need to get into my name and all that cause you already know who it is, mane
that rich, thugging b*tch
you feel me?

f*ck that sucka, based god b*tch
that n*gg* hating on me? f*ck that b*tch
b*tch can’t hear ya, yeah n*gg* i made it
all by myself n*gg*, motherf*cking payment

remember when n*gg*s used to look at me crazy?
2012, n*gg*s still looking crazy
d*mn based god you did motherf*cking made it
tour any city, you can go h*lla places

looking at my black card, b*tch i made it
suck my f*cking d*ck, simple flow, b*tch i made it
everybody knows based god h*lla places
ho kiss my *ss and count—big—count my big faces!

step the f*ck up b*tch, you know that i love ya
white flame b*tch, i’m pretty and i’m thugging
don’t f*cking trip, i’ve got that ak, silly
hate on lil b, i smoke a b*tch like a philly

we thugging!
east land, west side, east side, south side, north side, all right
white flame, you f*cking b*tch
i’m so rich in this b*tch
everything, all day
lil b, welcome to the white flame, b*tch

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