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lirik lagu fuck u pay me – crooked i

f*ck u pay me
(feat. twista & k-young)

[verse 1: twista]
black diamonds, black mink in the black cadillac, y’all
look at crooked i
now look at i
see how i pull up and the b*tch’ll come out like i don’t
sugar pie
don’t you want to get up under a pimp of magnificent lyricism
bad b*tches with rhythm
when the women come to making their money, they only doing sh*t to benefit em
all of the tricks be happy when they get up with ‘i’m
on top of the world after doing business with ‘i’m
hardly gone, a feminine up in em
it’ll have em moving so as if they got the ventilator venom
and it’s sicker to get em in trouble
in the bubble, i only want to see em rolling up the kush
and all of my b*tches is thick
if you do not believe me, then just take a look
they spending their money cause i got the ho and she look too fly on the track
straight pimping like bishop cause crooked to twista is like superfly and the mack
and i know you think i’m bogus cause i’m telling these b*tches
to go on and peel back they purses
it’s just a metaphor
for me talking about the way i pimp these verses

[hook: k-young]
tell them f*ck you, pay me
no matter how much green i have, b*tch
i’ll never fill your bank account
f*ck you, pay me
b*tch, my d*ck is better than your p*ssy

[verse 2: crooked i]
uh oh, here we go
c-r-double o, i’m bout to pimp me a ho
my deadbeat pops had pimping in his genes
the only thing he gave me since a embryo
uh oh, there she go
now i’m bout to put her in a video
d-boys give her them rubber band stacks
now i got dirty money like diddy, though
i’m a clumsy robber
i’m a b*tterfinger burglar, mayne
i’m a drop that jewel
let me explain, i’m a fill your brain with game
but if you come lame, girl, we not that cool
i’m a godd*mn fool
i’m a lean my top hat and pop that tool
get my guap back, you’ll
know that i’m that dude from a top mack school
and a block that rule – read my tattoo
that’s c.o.b., it mean cash over b*tches
crip or blood, conducting organized business
circle of bosses, cartel of ballers
cussing out broads and we crossing over bridges
help a n*gg* get rich and richer
do you get the picture?
when the pimping hits ya i
clock game from mister twista
he taught me how to rock like twisted sister
i twist your sister
i put her on the block til she get some blisters
i put her on the map til the vixen b*tches fly
put her on her trap like she’s spitting a written to the rhythm with mister i
the pimp game’s so ominous
and you know dominick’s not synonymous with monogamous
nah, it ain’t misogynist
it’s a metaphor to tell you that hip-hop is my bottom b*tch


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