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lirik lagu georgia nights – dolla

“georgia nights”

a rainy night in georgia
a rainy night in georgia
oh it’s a rainy night in georgia
all i could feel is rain all over the world

[verse 1:]
i feel the rain on my window pain
waking up in cold sweats
had some dreams of going out with a vein
sh*t my poppa died by the gun
i died by the gun
and if i ever had a son he probably die by the same
i pray to god i don’t curse my seed
and my baby don’t come out with some kind of desease
do to my bad needs
every breath i breathe and every step i take
the clock ticking bring me closer to faith
poppa died at 25 so he must of been great
they say the good die young i must be on my way
and if todays that day then i’m a died like a man
with a smile on my face knowing i never ran
tell my girl and my n*gg*s i did all i can
came up with a plan and times got side track
enjoy being young and rich and yew can don’t get black
tell them crackers kiss my *ss i was pride to be black


[verse 2:]
have a party at my funeral celebrating the life
when i die a baby was born that very same night
and as i took it’s first breath i took my last
life flash before my eyes of what i did in the past
you know my first piece of *ss the jokes and the laughs
and the silly sh*t we did for the love of the cash
get dough, fist fights wild party and sh*t
all the cars a n*gg* drove you know phari n sh*t
then i felt the warm feeling from my head to my feet
i could’ntmove tried talking but i could’nteven speak
heard a fimilair voice “son come here to me”
i tried viewing who it was but i could’ntquiet see
but i know i feel comfortble sold that piece
for the first time ever a n*gg* felt stress free
if i could rewind the time do it all the same
i’m looking down over georgia on the stars and the rain

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