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lirik lagu girl – lovedrug


nashville to new york
see ohio and everything we can do
if we’re apart
desire has known us well
living dreams is living h*ll but
they brought us through the times

i wanna light myself on fire
i spent thirty years not knowing you
i can’t afford to waste more time
running ’round the world
when all i know is… you’re my girl

you’re my cool sh*r*s and western stars
but where we live ain’t who we are
when there’s a mountain inside of you
and if i had an aeroplane
i’d fly ’round in the morning rain
just to find your shooting star

oh sweet love of mine, oh sweet love of mine

if i need you to carry my troubles
you do, love of mine
and if i need you to carry my worries
you do, love of mine
i need you to fix my hurting
oh sweet love of mine

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