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lirik lagu go to war – soulja boy

real n*gg* sh*t right now man
let me tell ya’ll a story man, soulja boy tellem in here
learn from this sh*t right here, open ya ears n*gg*
ya’ll pay attention ta dis i’m a show ya’ll some real sh*t right now

[verse 1:]
3: 30 in tha mornin i’m in my house chillin
n*gg*z kicked in my side doe
and started runnin threw da kitchen
i peeped out tha doe, seen a n*gg* with a k
dressed in all black with a ski mask on his face
so i bussed out tha doe, started shootin at that b*tch
and tha 1st bullet missed, but tha next 5 hit
so i cut tha lights off, then i crouched down ta da ground
took a look at arab, said “n*gg* don’t make a sound!”
had my pistol in my hand so i knew i had tha power
heard footsteps gettin louder and louder
i ran out tha doe, started bussin with my 9
6 bullets left tha clip, but 5 on me hit his spine
now he layin on tha ground, screamin like a hoe
he thought his homeboys was real, but they ran out tha doe
now he lyin on tha flo, screamin like a lil b*tch
when i shot him he dropped his pistol now hee ain’t got sh*t
i told arab, “go and take a look around da place.”
den i walked up ta dis n*gg*, sn*tched dat mask off his face
after i saw who it was, it’s a face i couldn’t forget
i can’t believe deez n*gg*z came and tried ta rob me fa my sh*t
after all i did fa ya’ll, this tha f*ckin thanks i get

tried ta take ya out tha hood and tried ta make you n*gg*z rich
so dey kicked in my doe and tried ta jack me fa my sh*t
ya’ll n*gg*z ain’t got no heart, that’s some real foul sh*t
so i sit back today and i thank inside my head
if i made tha wrong move, all my n*gg*z could be dead
this some real sh*t i’m spittin, hope ya heard what i said
if i made tha wrong move, all my n*gg*z could be dead

real n*gg* sh*t i’m spittin man, soulja boy tellem
sod, pte, back ta dis sh*t right here doe
this some real n*gg* sh*t
watch how i snap on deez n*gg*z, okk

[verse 2:]
what’s up n*gg*, heavyweight move a stack while spittin on a track
i call my fans grey hairz cause a n*gg* be spittin dat crack
talkin bout a struggle, 24 flip datz a double
20 times 2 my numba, soulja boy tellem straight like thunder
i mean s.beezy is straight like thunder
b*tch i’m hotta den a sauna, money long like a anaconda
ridin threw my projects i swear my goonz is gettin younga
dammm, too much ice on my wrist
n*gg* tried ta rob me, had ta empty out a clip
i can’t go out like no b*tch
cause my pistol man lil n*gg* den dew it
if ya wanna take my chain, ya betta be ready ta die for it
you know it, yea b*tch you already know
if you kick up in my doe, we gon’ shoot it up all night hoe

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