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lirik lagu god (interlude) – outkast

god, come in god
god come in god
d*mn you’re a girl
i guess the reason i’m talking to you tonight is
cause i’ve been doing a lot of thinking and
and i consider myself a pretty cool guy
and i never cheated on any of my girlfriends
well, except that one time in japan
but that was just for head and head don’t count right
thanks god i knew you’d understand
well, i just feel like
well to be honest with you
god i just need a sweet b*tch

you know somebody no to, not too fast but not too slow
cause i don’t have it all to do it my d*mn self
and life aint easy
you know i just want somebody by your side to help smooth
that thang out you know what i’m talking about
and at this point
i mean i’m not being picky
she don’t even have to a big ol’ *ss you know
just something well proportioned to her body
you know a nice little tail you know
what you say you, you say you found somebody
is she cute? so when do i get to met her?
awww, god you are the greatest
well, i guess i’ll talk to you later amen oh i’m sorry,
i’m sorry alady

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