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lirik lagu goodbye – saigon

now you wanna merk love
after i drop the rock and cop the work glove
when manual labor was unheard of
thought that we would spend all eternity forever together
but now you gone, how could you move on
i sit and reminisce as i’m poppin off beertops
quarter for my memories water full of tear drops
it’ll be a lie if i told you i couldn’t cry
you never said goodbye so why shouldn’t i
even before i f*cked you i knew that i discovered my wife
through prison and all the strife you the love of my life
when i was caught up in the mix you bought my baby sis and brother kicks
trusting me even after you busted me with other chicks
while you departing left my sh*t torn slim
i remember flirting with your friends and you was flipping on them
missing every position i used to feed you my manhood
i even devoured you because the power you was so d*mn good
them sad songs had me poppin off beertops
quarter for my memories water full of tear drops
i think deep when i recaleca your mindstate
lately i contribute to the rising of the crime rate
and roam red all the sane thoughts in my dome dead
was it something i said that made you aim at your own head
continue sleeping, i’m sorry i was wrong for cheating
i’m in your heart even though it’s no longer beating

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